Doctor Diary

The Awesome App for Doctor to make Their Daily Routine Easy.

One stop solution for all needs of doctor to manage patient's and treatment with digital prescription

* Available on all Android devices
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It has many
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Patient Management

Doctor Diary provides a robust platform for managing patient records, accessible through both the web application and the Android application. Effortlessly add, edit, and organize patient information, and conveniently retrieve medical history, treatment details, and contact information whenever and wherever you need it.

Treatment Management

Whether you're in your office or on the go, Doctor Diary's web application and Android application allow you to easily track treatments. Stay updated on diagnosis, progress, and outcomes for each patient, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for effective patient care.

Digital Prescription

Doctor Diary enables you to generate digital prescriptions seamlessly. Say goodbye to traditional paper prescriptions and effortlessly prescribe medications, dosages, and instructions. This feature ensures legibility and reduces the chances of errors, regardless of whether you're using the web or mobile version.

Why Doctor's Loves Doctor Diary App

Our feature-rich application are designed to streamline your workflow

Fully functional

Application has been tested by thousands of doctors from past many years

Mobile Application

Doctor Diary is available on all android application , as well as desktop & web version is also available to run on computers.

Secure Data

Data are stored in secured server , we take care of your medical data's privacy.

Patient Data Handling

Manage patient's data , their medical records and past treatment.

Treatment Data Management

Keep track of treatments, diagnose patients accurately, and monitor progress from anywhere, at any time.

Digital Prescription

Generate digital prescriptions seamlessly and effortlessly prescribe medications, dosages, and instructions.

Medicine Record Management

Maintain an up-to-date inventory of commonly used medications, access medication information.

Insightful Dashboard

Gain valuable insights into patient statistics, appointments, treatment statistics, and more, no matter where you are

How this app is working?

This app is working by some steps!


Make a profile

Register yourself at Doctor Diary for free


Add patient's record

Store your patient's record on App so you can add treatment as well track past history


Add treatment for Patient

Save patient's diagnosis data , along with treatment images and remarks


Generate Prescription

For treatment generate digital prescription


List medicine

Insert medicine records which can be used in prescription.

App screenshots

App screenshots is important to know properly the app!

Small glimpse of features

Doctor diary app is available for all devices

Doctor Diary offers a comprehensive healthcare companion for doctors, available as a web application and an Android application. Whether you prefer working on your computer or staying connected on your mobile device, Doctor Diary has you covered.

* Available on desktop , web and all Android devices


How It Works


Patient Management

Store and manage patient demographics, contact details, medical history, medications, allergies, and any other pertinent information.

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Treatment Management

Doctor Diary streamlines overseeing medical procedures, prescriptions, and follow-ups for patient care.

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Medicine Management

In Doctor Diary, managing medicines includes organizing prescriptions and monitoring medication schedules for patients.

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Appointment Management

Appointment management in the Doctor Diary app involves scheduling, organizing, and overseeing patient appointments for healthcare professionals.

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